Athens Community Polyclinic and Pharmacy

2 IKTINOY Str. – Athens 105 52
Tel.: 0030 210 3802037
e-mail: kifa.athina@gmail.com


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The self-administered Community Polyclinic & Pharmacy of Athens (CP&PhA) has been in operation since February 2013, owing to the initiative and support provided by the “Free City” which is a political group within the Municipality Board of Athens.

Functioning exclusively through the work of solidary volunteers, it provides free-of-charge expert medical assistance to persons lacking health insurance registration, as well as to unemployed citizens. There is no discrimination between Greeks and foreigners, including migrants and refugees regardless of their legal status.

Healthcare is provided by a team of solidary volunteering doctors from a wide spectrum of medical specialties e.g. gynecology, endocrinology, ENT,  dermatology, psychiatry, cardiology, dentistry (including child dentistry), ophthalmology, etc. There also exist psychologists, while the pharmacists offer additional support.
The provision of laboratory tests is possible in urgent cases following doctors’ advice.

The Polyclinic begun by caring for those without social insurance coverage but since the issue of the law 4368/2016 all patients have access to public health structures, provided they possess a social security registry number, irrespective of their actual employment state. At present patients are given clear instructions and guidance regarding how to claim access to public hospitals and support from the Public Health Fund (PEDY)

The volunteers of the Polyclinic also provide assistance to patients who can claim various state allowances guiding them through the online process of registration.

In addition, the CP&PhA personnel are assisting at Reception Spots for immigrants and refugees near Athens.
More than 1.500 patients are treated to monthly.

The medical equipment in all departments of the Polyclinic is secured exclusively through donations offered by solidary citizens from Greece and abroad. The same applies to the medication obtained for the Pharmacy (expiration dates are thoroughly checked).

Visit doctors by appointment only. Please call Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 to 15:00 at 210 38012037  


«Canaries in the Coal mine» is a documentary filmed in 2013 in Greece, mainly during a trial of greek trade unionists, and Belgians who came to support them. It’ s about the persecution of the workers’ rights.

Our Clinic is also in it, (at 10:40) and our pharmacist Sofia Tzitzikou is interviewed.