A brief piece of information about the more important activities of the

Athens Social Clinic of Solidarity(ASCS)

before the and after the lockdown.

At the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic, the Athens Social Clinic of Solidarity (ASCS) provided psychiatric and psychological support to vulnerable patients, Greeks and foreigners alike, short of Health Registration Number and  to unescorted children residing at hostels in Attica or at the Camp in Amygdaleza or Petrou Ralli (Attica).

The ASCSconsistently supported the hosting Center of Kurds at Lavrion and the Refugees’ Center at Skaramangas and Skistos (Attica),  providing medicine and medical material, sanitary articles, clothes and toys for children or food, either with means of its own or in cooperation with the Solidarity for All (SfA)  Organization. Furthermore, the ASCSconstantly supports the Solidarity Pharmacy at Patissia (Athens), since the ASCS’ Pharmacy Department has been closed since September 2019.

During the commuting restrictions at the pandemic pick, about 1.500 kgs of food were offered as well as considerable similar quantities through the SfA channels, focusing on Aspropyrgos (SE of Athens) and elsewhere.

The ASCSsupported individual patients (in jail or not) with medicine and medical articles while it kept informing with all available means (e.g through the social media) about health matters and the  access to the public health services. This information consists an important aspect of the ASCS activity.

Even more, following an arrangement with Adroditi Stambouli,  the ASCS sent at the Kleidi Center (city of Serres, NE of Greece)  80 caps for children, anti-stamina pomades for mosquitos and some medicine.

Following the lifting of the pandemic restrictions at the beginning of June, the ASCS gradually opened mostly as dental department, while fully observing the measures for both the patients and the doctors/dentists. The number of the patients in jail has increased. They come to the ASCS in coordination with the doctors at the Centers and according to a referring document signed by the latter and in policemen’s custody. An overall increase of unescorted children at Amygdaleza is ascertained. It is there that the ASCS delivered a clothing quantity for the children.

The ASCS ascertains as well the ever- increasing problem of the health covering as for the refugees and migrants short of Health Registration Number. Very few of them have access to health services and only through the intervention of those NGOs which support them and can pay the relevant fees.

The ASCS continues to help the refugees hosting organizations in Attica, such as the Home for Incurables, to contribute with food to the Attica Home for the Aged along with the SfA   and the Open City as well as to relevant food distribution with the SfA , while ASCS incessantly collects medicine for assisting various solidarity organizations which ask for them.