Refugees at Ritsona 16/11/2020

The Refugee’s Camp at RITSONA (N. Athens) urgently requested from the Athens Social Polyclinic of Solidarity a quantity of child vaccinations. The latter, following a relevant decision positively responding to the demand, has addressed the request to the Itzehoe (Germany) “Freunde der KIFA-Praxis Athen e. V”. It is the Association, residing at Izehoe which has for so long supported the Polyclinic with donations in cash and kind and always stood by the Polyclinic. Our Itzehoe friends arrived in Athens, donated the necessary amount of money in order first to buy 200 MMR vaccines for children at RITSONA, enabling them to get enrolled to the school and second to provide with an important amount of medicine.

The delivery of the said pharmaceutical stuff took place today at the RITSONA Camp which provides shelter, food and medico-pharmaceutical suppoprt to 2.950 persons including 1.350 minors, so making the need for medicine and vaccination more pressing.