Refugees at Ritsona 16/11/2020

The Refugee’s Camp at RITSONA (N. Athens) urgently requested from the Athens Social Polyclinic of Solidarity a quantity of child vaccinations. The latter, following a relevant decision positively responding to the demand, has addressed the request to the Itzehoe (Germany) “Freunde der KIFA-Praxis Athen e. V”. It is the Association, […]

Χωρίς εικόνα


A brief piece of information about the more important activities of the Athens Social Clinic of Solidarity(ASCS) before the and after the lockdown. At the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic, the Athens Social Clinic of Solidarity (ASCS) provided psychiatric and psychological support to vulnerable patients, Greeks and foreigners alike, […]

Χωρίς εικόνα


STATEMENT BY THE GREECE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN (UK) – 6 March 2020 STOP THE WAR ON REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS IN GREECE ‘Stop the war on refugees and immigrants’ was the main slogan of a huge rally in the heart of Athens on the evening of Thursday 5 March. There were also demonstrations […]